Heart of The Butterfly by Holly Kellam


Did you know that you can walk right out of your life? Well you can. And I did.

Follow my journey along the Camino de Santiago and learn about self-discovery and finding your true purpose in life along the way.

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Did you know that you can walk right out of your life? Well you can. And I did.

~ One Woman ~ One Whisper ~ One Inspiring Walk~

Do you like where you are heading? Is it where you want to end up? Life is not a dress rehearsal. The time to live life as you dream it, is NOW.

Disillusioned with life, powerless to change and unsure where to turn next, the author heeds a startling call from deep within and heads to Spain, to the Camino de Santiago. Ill-prepared for the trip, she overcomes physical pain and gains mental toughness in the face of exhaustion, isolation and, perhaps most importantly, bedbugs.

But this colourful and humorous story goes beyond the usual trials and tribulations of Camino pilgrims: it depicts a journey from the darkness of uncomfortable feelings to the brilliance of emotional and spiritual enlightenment. Join the author as she changes, like the caterpillar to a butterfly and learns how to listen to her heart, letting it guide the way to revealing hidden answers to modern life’s dilemmas.

With Holly you too can experience how to listen to your soul. Step on the path of destiny deep in the Spanish mountains, where the pilgrim trails of myth and mindfulness meet and be guided to the heart of the butterfly – a place of wisdom, strength and honest self-empowerment.

‘A journey taken with the heart leads to life’s greatest destinations’ -Holly Kellam

1 review for Heart of The Butterfly by Holly Kellam

  1. Elizabeth Murray

    During these crazy times of shut down and isolation I found it the perfect book of hope and inspiration. It was as if I too was walking toward a new life with a old friend who understands the way forward. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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